Our Little Corner of the World

Our little corner of the world is West Wales, United Kingdom and boy are we lucky.  We haven’t moved far as the map at the end shows, basically from East to West.  In the grand scheme of things and as we say in Wales, it’s only ‘down the road’ … (everything is)… but those 60 odd miles from where we were all born and raised, life is just, different.  From car dealers to tractor dealers, from housing estates to fields and from the rat race to… well field rats (let’s be realistic).  Here we have found our favourite type of life and we are pretty excited to shine a light on this area and show everyone just how good this life can be.


Eating Out

Coast, Saundersfoot: April 2016

Sosban, Llanelli: April 2016

Wrights Food Emporium: June 2016

Y Polyn:


Local Areas

Aberaeron: Aberaeron and Newquay June 2016

Ferryside: Ferryside April 2016

Kidwelly: Kidwelly July 2015



Newcastle Emlyn: Newcastle Emlyn June 2016

Newquay: Aberaeron and Newquay June 2016

Pembrey: Pembrey May 2016

Saundersfoot: Saundersfoot June 2016

Tenby: Tenby May 2016


Events and Courses

Wood Carving Course: Wooden Spoon Carving

Preserving: Preserving Course

Soap Making: Soap Making


Our journey, from east to west with loveOur journey, from east to west with love