June 2017: Two years on…

So we have reached our two year milestone of owning our first smallholding. What a jam-packed, learning curve, tearful, muddy, soul-affirming, incredible adventure it has been so far. I am far too emotional to write much today so I would like to leave you with some pictures of our wonderful adventure so far.

Our Home


The honey stack


Old aerial photograph of the house


Sloes… probably too early to pick but we had no idea!


Little girl being… well, little girl


Log stack


Mum in the mud


Beautiful honey


My first finished spoon


Our first eggs! Officially smallholders!


Cockles and seaweed ready to go!


The finished patch!


Not a bad view from the handlebars


My loot from the day


Beautiful bluebells


Soaps done, lip balms poured


Teaching the kids to snorkel.. love it!


Misty Mornings


Lazy mornings


The orchard at dusk


Cherries are growing!


Plums are growing!


Apples are growing!


Bumper egg collection


View from our bed…


Happy goats


Beautiful local beaches


My beach x

Thanks for reading x

June 2017: The Sheep Trials

Oh June… you lovely warm month you. You reminder that our lives are ruled by seasons in the most wonderful way. Until it is time to shear the sheep…

As smallholders only having two sheep, we can’t really call someone in to shear the sheep. We also have no idea how to do it and do not have the equipment or the confidence to give it a go.

So, as with all good small local communities, our neighbours offered to have ours sheared at the same time as theirs, so we just needed to get our sheep across to them and it would all be done for us. Perfect!

Now I will just leave that simple thought with you. Get the sheep, to our neighbours.

Approximately three hours and buckets of sweat later, we arrived at our neighbours….


Sheep dog Steve!


Rounded Up!


Sheep in the boot


Two sheep in the boot!


Back from the ordeal


Now they won’t go back in the field!


Finally talking to me after shear-gate

 We’re thinking of investing in some shears…

May 2017: Gone Fishing

This time last year (as Facebook reliably informs me) we were out on our first fishing trips. Very unsuccessful at first, my tenacious husband kept at it and oh boy am I glad he did. Sometimes I go along to the beach to read a book and sunbath and sometimes I am stuck with my job so I do get a little jealous that I can’t go out with him. Then I remember that he is out there for hours… so I just enjoy the photos… and the fish!

Calm Waters


Opportunistic birds!


Mid catch!


Not for eating, just for showing off


Catch of the day!


Mixed haul

May 2017: New Skills

May is the month of Steve. I’m sure he will kill me for this statement.

As one of the most self-deprecating people I know, he is so naturally skilled and eager to learn. So, he took it upon himself to learn how to make a knife. That’s right, build his own equipment, forge his own metal, make his own handle, to actually make his own knife.

If not a little dangerous, to say the least, it’s pretty impressive!

The new forge


Steve masterpiece


First ever knife!


Thrown into the post to make sure it’s sharp…

The next projects are now underway!

April 2017: Finding Freedom

Today I am very excited! I have finally received my copy of Beth Kempton’s Freedom Seeker.

It’s here!

I met Beth at the Sisterhood Camp in November and we drove to the camp together chatting about everything and nothing. Beth was one of the most exciting and enlightening parts of that weekend, it was like meeting up with an old friend and recapping what you had been up to and what you were planning next. Whilst receiving unexpected, genuine and pragmatic advice. Wonderfully surreal.

Like all of the women at the retreat, Beth was on a journey and little did we know at the start of the retreat, hers included the release of her first book, in which she shares a few of her secrets to a fulfilled life.

What is life about, if it is not about the celebration of life itself and each other? If this book does one thing before I even read the first page, it shows me that sharing love, knowledge and lessons learned could be the single most important achievement of a person’s life. 

So lets get reading!!

Loving it already!

April 2017: Two years to plan… two days to paint

We are coming up to the two-year anniversary of being in our wonderful home (June) so it seemed only fitting that we would finally decorate upstairs!

Now this isn’t out of laziness I assure you, but the finishing touches are so far down the job list for us. We did some work on the living room and dining room in the first few months as a priority and then focussed on the field as it is the most important thing here really. Then last year we finally got around to the kitchen (which still isn’t finished!) and now a full 10months later, we are back to decorating as it would be really nice to have a bit of colour in the house!

So, our bedroom is finally done – yes!!

Long awaited painting!


Finally have pictures on the wall!

Some of our guest rooms are finally done and our wondrous 70’s wooden wall has had a bit of a makeover…



Almost finished hallway

So all we need now is some carpet to replace the awful floor and we’re done! Ish.

March 2017: Baking and cooking.. the indulgent way

With the glimmer of longer days and sunnier weather, we have been able to get more tasks done mid week in the evenings which leaves us with the weekends for baking and indulging.

It isn’t all healthy so if you’re on a diet… avert your eyes

Just keep cooking!


Steve’s pancakes


Naughty baking day




More treats!


Cake making!


Strawberry and white chocolate cake


Tastes good!

Naturally I now need to run further….



March 2017: Sunny rays and lazy days

The sun is out!

I repeat: The sun is out! 

Not one to miss out on the glorious sunny weather, this month has been a bit more of the relaxing, sunbathing and potching type rather than any real graft. Even the animals have been indulging in these rare rays.

Paddling Pool with a view


Warm seas.. happy feet


My second home


Fun in the sun!


Love this view


They may be under cover but they can still have fun!


Sunset walks


My princess


Goat cuddles


Those eyes and ears are the BEST


February 2017: Not just for singing in the shower!

So, as part of the fairly unusual (but very fun) upbringing that my sister and I enjoyed, we did a fair bit of singing, as every welsh boy and girl will do in their lifetime!

I used to write and record songs, from the age of about 5 upwards I think and very embarrassingly, copies of those songs are still hanging around the studio of our long-time family friend Al.

Out of the blue, Al contacted me and asked if I wanted to re-record an old song that I sang when I was about 14 that was a demo for a film. Naturally, I fell all over myself to get back into a studio and dust off the old vocal chords!

Luckily for you, no videos are in here, just photos… 

Headphones on!


Recording studio fun!


It’s been a while!

February 2017: New Family Member… Baby Henry!

So my very clever sister and her husband have made the most beautiful baby boy… welcome Henry you little heartbreaker. Your aunty has officially melted.

Teeny Tiny!


Old man Henry x


This boy! In a fetching sleep suit his aunts bought him!


Just a little update here on Henry… because he just keeps getting more gorgeous!

Baby Boy!


This boy is a heartbreaker

There will be more!! xx