About Us

We bought a little smallholding in June 2015.  As I write this, that is only 9 months ago, which feels almost unbelievable.  We embarked on this journey with little to no knowledge of what lay ahead, but with great excitement, enthusiasm and curiosity.

Most people ask us why we have decided to take on land and animals and the many responsibilities this brings.  The simple answer is we arrived at a place in our lives where we felt it was important to understand and be accountable for where our food, drink and material items came from.

By growing our own fruit and vegetables, raising our own animals, keeping our own laying hens and ducks and providing a home for bees; we have taken charge.  We provide food for ourselves, but also care for other creatures that provide for us.  More importantly again, we are now responsible for ensuring that we waste nothing.  We wont spend days turning soil over and months rearing animals, to simply, throw it out.

This is our new chapter.  Welcome along, but make sure you bring your wellies.